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ADVANCE (Matresses with independent springs)| TOUCH

By choosing Touch you enjoy…

Personalized body support thanks to the Go-Up Standard Pocket springs.
a independent Go-Up Standard Pocket springs offer multiple support points. Each spring acts as an independent suspension as it adapts to the body allowing restful sleep without numbness or interruptions.

Enjoy also…..
– Personalized body support thanks to the Go-Up Standard Pocket springs
– 3D Helicoidal Fill, helical wadding for an excellent sense of comfort
– Side Support Plus for safety and functionality at 100% of the mattress

•Go-Up Springs, for excellent support and unsurpassed durability.
• Total Health Protection, for a clean and healthy sleeping environment.
• Pumping Effect, for freshness of materials and hygiene.
•Progressive Function, for rest and muscle relaxation.
• Sanitized Hygiene Function, for healthy sleep.
• 3D Air Control zone, breathing function for unsurpassed hygiene.

i: The dimensions of the mattresses may show an acceptable deviation of +/- 1 cm due to the nature of their materials
i: The company reserves the right to make changes to upgrade its products, without prior notice.

Mattress height (center): 26.5 cm

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